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Chapter Four

Lillian went outside the next morning to investigate the vision she had seen the night before, only to see muddy footprints along the outside of the house. She followed the mess out towards the shoreline.

As she approached the beach Lillian felt the same unease as the night before, but nothing could prepare her for the sight that awaited her.


There must have been hundreds of stones stacked along the beach, surrounding her. The pile of rocks that once stood as her protective cairn still lay broken and strewn amongst the invasive piles that had appeared over night.

Lillian stood there frozen; overwhelmed by those horrible mounds until her throat tightened until she couldn't breathe. This felt like a cruel joke.

Death, in such a cruel display, was reminding her that she would never see Douglass again; how she

would never be able to hear his voice or feel his touch. 


In a fit of rage and  madness, she started to throw the stacked rocks into the dark and unforgiving 

current of the sea.


For a moment, her heart stopped beating.

Lillian ran into the bone-chilling water. She submerged herself repeatedly, over and over trying to feel for her ring. 


She continued relentlessly until she began to feel overwhelmed by the cold. Her body soon became heavy and numb.



Her thoughts slowly softened and shifted as she began to think that if she were to stay under the water, to leave this world there and in that moment, that she might be able to see Douglass again. She calmed her movements and started to sink...



By the time she felt her wedding ring catch on the rock flying from her hand, it was too late. 

She watched in horror as it dropped beneath the waves.

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