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Chapter Three

Half way through her trance, Lillian’s pendulum suddenly and relentlessly directed her attention towards the window.

At the window Lillian stood in shock as she looked down towards the rolling seascape outside. A dark mass could be seen floating near the shoreline, limp and motionless.



Was there a body in the water?

She rushed down to the beach, expecting the worst but found nothing.


Lillian entered her home once more, shaken.


She had felt close to something, something that had made her feel uneasy.



She picked up her pendulum only to gasp in fright as it
immediately flew from her hand and once more

shot towards the window.

What she saw beyond the window was truly horrifying...

After mustering the courage to peer out once again, the vision of horror had seemingly left...​but Lillian knew better to think it would be gone for long.

It was Death taunting her for trying to claim Douglass' spirit. She felt more alone than ever before. 

That night Lillian cried while listening to Douglass' voicemail, until she finally slipped into an exhausted yet restless sleep.



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